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Disability benefit



Claims process



Standard requirements for a disability claim

  • Notification of a possible disability claim (to be submitted to Liberty within two months of the date of incapacity)
  • Confidential Doctor’s Report (completed by the member’s Treating Doctor)
  • Employer’s Statement (completed by an Authorised Signatory of the Fund)
  • Member’s Statement (completed by the claimant)
  • Job Description Questionnaire
  • Form A & D (Capital Disability only)
  • Copy of the member’s ID certified by a Commissioner of Oaths (SAP or Court of Law)
  • Copy of the member’s last three payslips prior to the date of disability
  • Copies of all reports, records, and test results for the condition/s for which the member is claiming, from all doctors and hospitals consulted
  • Sick leave record and medical certificates – for the year prior to the date of disability

Further medical evidence may be called for should our findings not be conclusive. The member is responsible for settling medical expenses incurred in initially substantiating any claim.


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